Engineering/Design &

Early Involvement

During this phase PPI also works with you to determine the optimum material, molding process, secondary issues, paint /finish requirements and packaging options. With over 20 years of experience and our continued commitment to new manufacturing techniques, PPI gives you excellent options to meet your functionality, ergonomic and performance needs.

PPI uses MoldFlow® software offering the latest in computer technology that assists in perfecting the mold making and molding process. This state of the art software helps to determine gating, filling, pressure and temperature settings before, during and even after the mold is manufactured.

Our tooling engineers utilize MasterCam® and Cadkey® CAD/CAM software on four Pentium III computers to fully download mold design into all phases of our mold manufacturing. These key features allow us to perfect the mold tool and molding processes which improves delivery and quality at no additional expense or added time.