Gas Assist


Gas-Assisted Injection Molding is a process where an inert gas is introduced at pressure, into the polymer melt stream at the end of the polymer injection phase. The gas injection displaces the molten polymer core ahead of the gas, into the as yet unfilled sections of the mold, and compensates for the effects of volumetric shrinkage, thus completing the filling and packing phases of the cycle and producing a hollow part.

Key Advantages & Benefits
of the Gas Assist Process: 

  • Increased design flexibility – combines strength of structural foam with cosmetics of injection molding, allowing multiple features designed right into your parts.

Smooth Surface Appearance
Can Result in:

  • Improved aesthetics vs. structural foam
  • Reduced secondary operations
  • Dimensional Stability
  • High potential to reduce costs – from lower tooling costs to part weight reduction, from lower production cycle times to reduced finishing expenses makes gas assist an attractive option.
  • Quicker to market – using aluminum molds for shorter mold making lead times, as well as reducing in-plant post-molding processing.

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